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85th Geneva International Motor Show

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Project LiveWire --- Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle.

Elemental RP-1, lightweight, track-day car.

W Motors Lykan HyperSport, the first Arab Super car

SnakeMotors: Classical motorcycle produced by George TOKORO and Takeshi KITANO.

TommyKaira ZZ EV sports by the GreenLoad Motors

Morgan 3 Wheeler 

The "New Stratos" is based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia for Michael Stoschek. 

NapierSport: Lancia Stratos type replica (former C.A.E., Litton, or Allora)
Guy Moerenhout Racing
: Thank you very much, Mr.Guy!
AUSTIN A40 Farina Club Home Page
Asquith Motor Company Limited: Shetland, based on a 1928 Austin design.
Ariel Motor Atom
: アリエル アトム
Koenigsegg Automotive: ケーニグゼグ。スウェーデンの新興スポーツカーメーカー
Pagani Zonda: Zonda C12
RUF Automobile GmbH: ルーフ。Porscheベースのコンプリートカー
MDI Aircar: Luxembourg --- "Zero Pollution car"
: Slovakia, K1 Attack Sportscar.
Allard Motor Works: Allard replica (Thank you very much, Mr. Roger  Allard!)
KAZ and Elica: Keio University EV projects (慶応大学の電気自動車プロジェクト)
: ケーニッヒ
Artega: New sports car's brand of Germany.

Suzusho: Japan. Supasse, Lotus 7 type. (Inboard suspensions)RoadRazer: Denmark, A road legal formula car.
Bakker Framebouw: Nico Bakker (ニコ バッカー)
Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH.
: Apollo, German super sport.
Tesla Motors: The Tesla Roadster is the real sports car which is world's first as the electric car. 電気自動車初の本格的スポーツカー。
JCB DIESELMAX: Record breaker powered by diesel engine.
Caparo T1
: UK, an illusion of formula racer.
Barabus: UK, Producing 1005BHP!?
Mitsuoka Orochi: Japanese exotic sports car launched on October 2nd, 2006.
DiMora: Alfred J. DiMora, known as the designer and owner of Clenet and Sceptre comes back to the automobile business with the Natalia, a luxury-car powered by V16 14000cc 1200hp.
Locus: Plethore, super-sport powered by GM V8 8200cc max-1300hp.
KTM X-BOW: The first car from KTM
Kleemann Japan
: Mercedes Benz tuning.