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Qianjiang: China

China Qianjiang motorcycle co.,ltd. (浙江钱江摩托股份有限公司)

Qingqi: China

济南轻骑摩托车股份有限公司 (Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle) Motorcycles, Scooters, Electric Vehicle and ATVs.

1956年に設立。日本語では「クィンキー」と表記することが多い。1985年以来 Suzuki との関係を深めている。


Qlink: USA


Founded in 1988, QLINK Motor offers a full line or motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, side-by-sides (Qlink calls "UTV") and other products.


Qtec: Belgium


Super Q Quad, Q4 Quad and Q3R trike.

Quadro: Italy

Quadro Tecnologie S.r.l.

Four or three wheels scooters.

Quantya: Switzerland

Quantya SA.

Electric off-road motorcycle.

Quick Foot: Germany


Quingo: UK

Advanced Vehicle Concepts.

Electric "5 Wheel" Mobility Scooter.

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