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About Motor Warp

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Welcome to the Motor Warp!  We are the Motor Warp JAPAN, a hobby-group of the cars and the motorcycles.

 The Motor Warp JAPAN is administrating the Motor Warp in Takizawa-Village, Iwate-Prefecture, JAPAN.
 The "Motor Warp" is a huge-links which covers many brands of cars and motorcycles. We would appreciate it if you could use the "Motor Warp" as a portal site of cars and motorcycles.

How to use

First, click one button of an initial from our index page. Then, the list of brands which has the initial is shown. Next, click one brand from the list. Then, as for the brand, the links to the manufacturer's official site, overseas bases, related sites and so on will be shown. Lastly, click one link which you use.

Other how to use is that you can use "Special Index." Special Index has some pages which featured Replica manufacturers, Tuners, Racing car constructors, Motor-shows and so on.

The categories the Motor Warp is covering

a. To define "the Automobiles" and "the Motorcycles"

 The Motor Warp defines "the Automobiles and the Motorcycles" as being "the motor-powered vehicle which runs in the ground (not running on the orbit)."  Therefore, by our definition, Construction machineries, Agricultural machineries, Military vehicles, ATV, Snowmobiles, Racing-cars, Racing-karts and so on are "Automobiles and Motorcycles." However, by our definition, Railroad-vehicles, Monorails, Lorries are not "Automobiles and Motorcycles."

 Whether a vehicle belongs to "Automobile" or belongs to "Motorcycle" depends on the definition shown by the brand which produced the vehicle. If such a definition isn't shown from the brand, Motor Warp judges the vehicle's category.

b. To define "the Brands"

The Motor Warp defines "the Brands" as being "trademarks and names which manufactures the Automobiles and the Motorcycles regardless of the mass or single-part production." Here, the Manufacturers, the Factories, the Complete car tuners, the Racing car constructors, the Developers, the Carrozzerias, the Designers, and the Projects are "the Brands."

We also link to the related sites, worldwide network and useful homepages to each brand (including extinct brands).

c. Other categories to link (In the future,)

In the Motor Warp, in addition to "the Brands of the Cars and the Motorcycles", there are links to Motor shows, Race series, the public organizations and so on. Links will add depending on interests of the administrator of the Motor Warp. Incidentally, each link may sometimes remove without previous announcements.

Our policy of managing the Motor Warp

a. In principle, our managing is a non-business activity.

Motor Warp is a hobby of the administrator and the cooperators. Specifically, we make an effort to keep our agreement as follows:

  • To our readers, the Motor Warp sends all contents of our server ("motorwarp.com") for free,
  • The main purpose of obtaining incomes for the Motor Warp JAPAN is to secure the upkeep expense of our server. Our income means will be to introduce some banner-ads in our site and to sell in part with our personal belongings.

"motorwarp.com" is a server rented by us and "motorwarp" is not a commercial company's name. The server-renter is substituting for the possession of "motorwarp.com." Therefore, the information which is gotten from the NIC does not show the Motor Warp JAPAN.

b. Our stance on linking

If you want to link the Motor Warp, please link for the destination URL-address to show always at an address-bar of a browser. Here, you do not have to get our approval. As the reason, the administrator understands to linking as follows:

  • The nature of WWW (World Wide Web) is "the networking of knowledge by linking."
  • Publishing homepages to WWW is able to anticipate to be linked by someone, that is to agree to the nature.
  • For the homepages not to want to link, to limit reading is the responsibility of the administrator.

We create links based on above understandings. When we understand that our linking is improper, we stop the link. We should fulfill responsibility as for the contents contained in the server of "motorwarp.com." However, as for the contents which are not contained in the server of "motorwarp.com," we can not accept responsibility.

c. The copyright

We understand that the copyrights of all contents of "motorwarp.com" are inhering in the Motor Warp JAPAN. However, the Motor Warp doesn't have originality except "the name of Motor Warp, " and "the sentences written by us." Therefore, we don't concern even if the links like the Motor Warp increase because anyone can gather a link.

d. The continuity of our activities

We continue the activities under the name of Motor Warp until we lose our hearts. Even if we decided to end Motor Warp, we may not announce it.


Q. How many brands are found in the Motor Warp?

A. It find in the Motor Warp is 1015 automobile's brands and 370 motorcycle's brands (as of January, 2005).
 Here, we are counting in running-number (cumulative, gross) for the dual (motorcycles and cars) manufacturing, each brand in the enterprise group and each name before and after name change.

Q. Describe the criteria for classifying "the Motorcycles" and "the Automobiles" a little more.

A. We call the vehicle to define below "the Motorcycles."

  • Motorbikes: Wheels are only on usual going direction line.
  • Trikes (3-wheeler): Trikes are Motorbikes-based vehicles. To usual going direction line, two wheels are in the symmetry for one axle.
  • Sidecars: The vehicles which equip utility-space-voiture in the side of motorbikes.
  • ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles): The vehicles using over two tires, where the tire is balloon tire (low pressure tire).

In the Motor Warp, we link the brands supplying "the Motorcycles" as "Motorcycle Manufacturer." We link the brand which supplies a vehicle except "the Motorcycles" in "Automobile Manufacturer." For example of 3-wheelers, Campagna T-REX is a Motorcycle (Trike) by the maker's definition. Grinnall Scorpion III is an Automobile by the judgment of us.

Q. Why is the encoding UTF-8?

A. It is correctly as much as possible to write brands name in the of 2 bytes code areas.

Q. Would you establish a BBS?

A. The administrator wants to establish. However, we do not discuss to establish. It is difficult for us to response quickly to the posting at present. And the prime reason, the administrator is afraid that a reader writes, "The administrator's English is difficult to understand." and the writing remain at the BBS for a long time.

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