May 6th, 2008

Save AGURI !

1. I express without hesitation what needs to be said.

In 2008/5/6, each media has reported that to continue the management of the SUPER AGURI F1 is hopeless. In 5/2, SUPER AGURI announced that the agreement about selling themselves to the WEIGL Group AG, Germany is imminent. However, Nick-Fry, the CEO of Honda Racing F1 showed disapproval of approving this sale because he doubted of the finance of Weigl. There's more. Fry informed the FOM (the promoter of F1) that SUPER AGURI dropped out of the Turkish GP. By the notice, SUPER AGURI 
is not allowed entry into the circuit.

Honda Racing F1 should cancel a notice to FOM any minute now! Honda Racing F1's action to Super Aguri is a stupidity!
Super Aguri is not the subsidiary of Honda Racing F1, Super Aguri is an independent team, I think so.

Surely, Super Aguri has got enormous money support from Honda, From the side of the technical assistance, a lot of persons understand that Super Aguri is the second team of Honda F1 team. More importantly, the financial crisis of SAF1 is caused by poor management. However, HRF1 and Honda can not dominate and tie the Super Aguri unless acquiring the Super Aguri's stock. I think that this is injustice. Honda Racing should use a proper procedure about the limitation to Super Aguri.

*Super Aguri Formula One Team has announced its withdrawal from the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2008/5/6.

2. The connection between SUPER AGURI and HONDA

February, 2005, Aguri SUZUKI proposed "the cooperation owner conception of Honda F1 team" to Honda. It is the beginning of the concerning by Aguri Suzuki and Honda about F1. The conception is the pure Japan team with acquiring 55 % stock (except Honda's stock) of the BAR ( in those days )by Aguri. In the conception, Aguri wanted to play Takuma SATO as the ace driver. Honda showed an interest in this proposal. However, the conception wasn't realized because Honda "as the worldwide enterprise" opposed making the Japanese color. 

After that, Honda looked for the acceptance when Takuma released from Honda team to make F1 remain. And so, WADA president of Honda Racing Development proposed the acquisition of the Minardi in engine supply to Aguri. Because Minardi has a debt and the team can not move from Italy, Aguri did not buy Minardi but rather take a decision to establish a team by himself. 

We must not misunderstand. It is not like that Honda establishes brand-new team to relieve Takuma. Therefore, it is not like that Honda give the ownership of the team to Aguri.
From a series of happenings, we are able to understand that SUPER AGURI is not "the team to leave Takuma in F1 by Honda". For Honda, SUPER AGURI was "a convenient being" when only releasing Takuma.